With the approaching the holy month of Ramadan...Al-Anwar Najafiya Foundation launches its annual program to distribute food baskets to needy families.

With the start of the countdown to welcoming the month of goodness and forgiveness, the blessed month of Ramadan, Al-Anwar Najafiya Foundation for Culture and Development launched its annual program to distribute the Ramadan basket of goodness, as it took the initiative to distribute a large group of Ramadan food baskets at the Foundation's headquarters.
Hajj Qassem Mohi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Foundation, indicated that the Foundation has started distributing its Ramadan food baskets to the families of orphans during the past two days to its beneficiaries registered with the Foundation, due to the approach of the blessed month of Ramadan.
Mohi clarified that the number of beneficiaries reached: (4000) beneficiaries and the distribution took place at the Foundation's headquarters in Najaf governorate during the past two days confirming that the program was initiated in distributing these baskets in Najaf Governorate, and they will be distributed in the rest of the Foundation's branches in the governorates according to the mechanism and schedules established to benefit the largest possible number of needy families and orphans.
Mohi pointed out that this program is launched by the Foundation every year of the blessed month of Ramadan in accordance with the instructions of Secretary-General of the Foundation Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy (may Allah support him) that insist on providing care and support for orphans and the needy in various Iraqi provinces.