Al-Anwar Najafi Foundation visits children suffering from cancer in Basra and provides them with breakfast.

Al-Anwar Al-Najafia Foundation for Culture and Development / Basra Branch visited the children of cancer patients in the province, where breakfast meals were distributed to them inside the Child Hospital for Cancer Diseases.

The representative of the Foundation’s branch in the governorate confirmed that work is underway in accordance with the directives of His Eminence the Secretary-General to inspect and care for the needy, orphans, and the sick, especially children, and to provide the utmost types of care and support in light of this holy month, the month of goodness, mercy, and blessings.
Adding that, since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, the Foundation has distributed food baskets, inspected the homes of needy families, provided various aids to orphans, and cared for sick children.