Mr. Hussein Kanaan, the representative of the Foundation indicates that the Foundation organized and sponsored a football tournament for the youth for the purpose of taking care of and supporting this segment along with providing job opportunities and developing talents for them.
Mr. Kanaan explains that the championship resulted in honoring the winning teams by the Foundation and in the presence of a number of sports officials and personalities in the governorate for the purpose of enhancing the role of caring as well as supporting this segment by the Foundation which works under the auspices of the Central Office of Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Basheer Hussein Al-Najafy (May Allah prolong life) and the directives of His Eminence, the Secretary-General of the Foundation Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy.
It is worth mentioning that Foundation in Diyala has provided many initiatives for the people of the province, especially with regard to the youth segment and the work continues to provide care as well as support to this segment.
The youth who participated in this championship expressed their joy for this generous initiative which expresses the great interest of those in charge of the Foundation.