The representative of Foundation in Diyala Governorate, Mr.Hussein Kanaan explains that the gathering which was held at the foundation's headquarters was attended by representatives of the Qur’anic gatherings and institutions, along with the presence of a delegation from the Office of the Endowments and several personalities, dignitaries and various segments of society.
The attendees recalled the great role of LADY OF THE WOMEN OF THE WORLDS (A.S) in the Islamic world and what happened to her after the departure of the Holy Prophet (PBUH&P), where words and poems were delivered.
The representative indicates that the Foundation commemorates the deaths and births of Ahlulbayt (A.S) throughout the year to draw inspiration from the lessons of the biography of the pure Imams (A.S) and to plant these qualities into the souls and behavior of the community.
Mr. Kanaan added that a banquet was held for the participants and Quranic assembly on the occasion.