Al-Najafy Sons' Association of Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for culture & Development in province of Babylon commemorated the anniversary of the martyrdom of Syeda Al-Zahraa (A.S) through holding Funeral Majlis on the occasion in the presence of a number of believers.
The head of the Association stated that the Majlis opened by reciting Ayahs from Al-Quran Al-Karim and then going through discussing the life Al-Seyda Al-Zahraa (A.S) and the sacrifices that she made to Islam alongside her father the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and her husband the commander of the faithful (PBUH).
However, the orator reminded the Islamic community of the need to follow her biography, qualities and virtues and highlighting what happened to her after the loss of her father.
The Majlis concluded by praying to Almighty Allah to preserve the people of this country, remove epidemic, follow the footsteps of Al-Zahraa (A.S) and Ahlulbayt (A.S) , and praying to Allah to prolong his Eminence life (may Allah prolong his life).