*It is important for faithful women to learn from the life of Al-Zahraa (A.S) the right way of life.
*The Charitable School is a humanitarian project which had been initiated on the anniversary of the birth of Al-Zahraa (A.S) more than ten years ago during which hundreds of students graduated as good citizens.
Dar Al-Zahraa (A.S) Charitable Schools for boys and girls celebrate the anniversary of the auspicious birth of Fatima Al-Zahraa (A.S) as well as the annual anniversary of its foundation.
Among his ceremonial speech, His Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy (may Allah support him) shows the position of Al-Zahraa (A.S) in Islam and she is the supreme role model of all believers especially for women. They have to learn from her life the right way of life as a daughter, wife, mother, and Muslim woman. Everyone should be inspired by the position of Lady Zahra against injustice defending the truth and original Islamic religion of Muhammed (PBUH&H).
His Eminence also indicates that the charitable school is a humanitarian project launched on this day more than ten years ago and hundreds of students graduated as good citizens to the society after supporting and covering them with financial, moral, and health aids and developing them by dozens of various programs indicating that the charitable schools are concerned with the segment of orphans and taking care of them.
In addition, His Eminence Sheikh Najafy presented bouquets of flowers and gifts to school orphans and students, especially those who excelled in them, as well as girls who had reached the legal age.
The head of the schools. Mr. Safaa Al-Ayfari states that schools organized this celebration according to health controls and social distancing, and in the presence of the Secretary-General of Al-Anwar Al-Najafiyia Foundation, His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy (may Allah prolong his life) to commemorate the birth of Al-Zahraa (A.S) and involve the students with her fragrant biography.
He also adds that this annual celebration coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the schools that help and support the segment of orphans.