After the contact with the Ministry of Health Department of Al-Najaf Governorate, and under the direction of the General Directorate of Health in Najaf, the cadres of health initiate the Coronavirus examinations for students of Dar Azahraa (A.S) Charitable Schools so as to secure the educational environment and protect them from infection.
The headmaster of the schools, Mr. Safaa Al-Ayfari states that the health cadres of Al-Najaf Health Directorate started an examination campaign and taking samples from the students and taking the proper measures.
He indicates that the management of schools organized and took all the necessary measures to facilitate the process of examination. In addition, this program is highly recommended and important by the Foundation and is a part of the health and safety program that the Foundation attempts to ensure for its educational staff and students to protect them which in turn ensure the success of the current school year. Al-Ayfari expresses his gratitude and thanks to the medical staff for the great role and efforts made to protect the students.
On the other hand, the medical committee which is responsible for the medical safety works in the schools confirmed that the management of the schools is keen to preserve the safety of students by adhering to health protection measures by wearing medical gloves, social distancing, and periodic fogging of classes and halls.