As part of the humanitarian care programs and periodic assistance. Al-Najafiyia Foundation for culture & Development distributes home curtains to a number of families of orphans.
The Deputy Secretary-General of the Foundation states that this initiative comes within the humanitarian aid implemented by the Foundation for poor families, especially the families of orphans and this is according to the direction of the Secretary-General, His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy ( May Allah support him).
Haj Qasim Muhi indicates that the process of distribution took place in coordination with a number of faithful well-to-do believers and according to the list of names and information in the database of the Foundation. Also, health measures and social distance have been taken into consideration during the distribution.
In addition, the number of beneficiaries is more than 160 families and this initiative will be followed by other initiatives for purpose of providing different kinds of support to the families of orphans and poor families.