Al-Anwar Al-Najafiyia Foundation for culture & Development continues its campaign of caring for and supporting the orphans in all provinces of Iraq. The ongoing campaign now is the distribution of winter clothes in Al-Najaf to a number of orphans.
Deputy Secretary-General, Haj Qasim Muhi, indicates that this initiative covers more than 1300 orphans with winter clothes and this initiative comes within a number of initiatives of caring for and supporting the orphans and the poor families.
He added that all campaigns and initiatives are under the direct auspices of the Secretary-General of Al-Najafiyia Foundation, his Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy (may Allah support him). In addition, these initiatives will be followed by other ones to ensure the total care for the families of orphans as well as poor families.
On the other hand, the families express their gratitude and thanks to the staff of the Foundation and the Secretary-General for their great contribution in the field of caring and supporting the orphans.