In a humanitarian initiative, Al-Anwar Al-Najafiyia Foundation for Culture & Development distributes a large number of winter clothes to the orphans and poor. As a first phase, the initiative covers 500 beneficiaries of orphans and poor people in the Holy city of Karbala.
Haj Ali Hanoon, the head of the branch in Karbala states that the process of distribution has been done according to the database of registration and taking the health measures as well as social distance into consideration as the distribution is held in the headquarter of the Foundation in Karbala.
He added that the clothes include jackets for both males and females and have been distributed to more than 500 orphans as well as poor families. Moreover, this initiative will be followed by other initiatives to provide full care for orphans and children of needy families.
He also states that the foundation works on a number of future projects including building and renovating homes for the orphans and at the same time providing them with food and in-kind supports according to the available capabilities of the Foundation and the cooperation with well-to-do believers.
On the other hand, the families express their thanks and gratitude to the working staff of the Foundation and especially the Secretary-General for the provided care and supports.