* Deputy Secretary-General: The families of orphans and poor families are living in a difficult living situation due to the financial crises afflicting the country.
* Deputy Secretary-General: Humanitarian and social programs are continuing throughout the year, and our care is ongoing for thousands of orphans.
Stated by Deputy Secretary-General Qassem Mohi, Aytamuna Charity of Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation distributes meals to (120) orphan families as a part of its humanitarian and social programs of supporting orphans families in province of Al-Najaf.
Mohi added, families have been contacted in order to deliver the materials to them and protect them from the risk of infection with Coronavirus. Thus, the cadres of Aytamuna Charity were able to reach far and remote areas in Al-Najaf to deliver these materials to these families.
The Deputy Secretary-General assured in his speech that these humanitarian and social programs of the foundation are continuous throughout the year and there are dozens of such programs whether in Najaf and other provinces which sponsor thousands of orphans. However, we look forward for new programs to rejoice orphans and secure some of the rights of poor and needy families.