Al-Qardh Al-Hasan, affiliated to the Health Care Department at Al-Anwar Najafia Foundation for Culture and Development, continues to provide its services to lend the public who need financial assistance to cover the costs of all surgical and medical operations.

Haj Basem Al-Rubaie, the head of the health care department at Al-Anwar Najafia Foundation, indicated that this project was started directly at the beginning of this year, which is lending the public (who can't afford the costs of medical operations or the cost of their treatment is expensive, without any benefits) with sums of money, and they are paid within one year and in the form of financial payments, divided according to the amount and according to the medical condition.

Al-Rubaie added that eight cases were loaned, during this period, with financial amounts according to the cost of the case for the mentioned purpose. The aim of this project is to help needy families who cannot pay expenses for operations and treatment without any financial interest on the loan.

In the same context, the department announces its willingness to accept five other medical cases.

On the other hand, the families appreciated the role that the foundation and the department are providing in particular to such charitable projects.

Husseini and Religious Rituals Department, in Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development, distributed and Iftar meals for (1200) needy families of orphans along with fruits and soups in the province of Najaf within the annual program for the holy month of Ramadan, as this banquet included several different areas in the province.
Mr. Qasim Mohi, Foundation stated that they worked hard and sincerely to overcome many challenges to deliver thousands of food baskets to poor families and today, and in the third campaign of the Foundation, Iftar meals were delivered to the needy and orphan families.
In turn, the families appraised the Foundation’s role during the past period of providing food baskets during the curfew period and delivering to them, and today from Iftar meals and their assistance to them.

Al-Najafy Sons' Association in Mosul, Al-Hamdania district, began distributing Iftar meals to a number of poor and needy families, including a large number of martyrs' families. The distribution covered 40 families.
This step Al-Najafy Sons' Association is the first step in this district, and will continue with the families of the martyrs and the poor.
Moreover, the clothing was distributed to the sons of the martyrs in the district. The number of orphans who were included in the distribution campaign reached 360 orphans.
The joy of the children of the martyrs was overwhelming, where they raised their hands to pray for His Eminence Shiekh Al-Najafy and his son, His Eminence Sheikh Ali Najafy, the general supervisor of Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation from which this blessed gathering emerged.