Department of Religious Rituals in Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development distributed food baskets to poor and needy families as part of the program to support this segment of society, where (1500) Ramadan baskets were distributed.
Secretary General, Sheikh Ali, stated that the Religious Rituals Dept annually adopts a program to distribute food baskets during the holy month of Ramadan, where the staff reaches families in their areas of residence to introduce these baskets.
Al-Najafy indicated that due to the difficult circumstances and the threat of Corus Virus, the department's staff prepared a program to distribute thousands of food baskets in various districts and areas.
The department distributed 1500 food baskets to needy families during the first three days of Ramadan.
Head of the department added that the number of the beneficiaries will be doubled in the next days of Ramadan and in different areas.
#Compassion_ Campaign

Part of Compassion Campaign, which is carried out by the Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation, the Religious and Husseiny Rituals Department of foundation distributed food baskets to needy families and orphans.
Head of Department Hajj Haider Naji stated that food baskets were distributed to the needy families, as 350 food baskets were distributed due to the health situation and the outbreak of Corona virus in the country and the imposition of curfew in the province.
Naji indicated that the food basket consists of seven foodstuffs from the material: (tomato, potato, eggplant, pea, cucumber, and apples), in addition to the distribution of meat which mounted to (150) baskets, and (200) kilos of chicken.
The distribution was carried out in different quarters in the province of Najaf.

The Department of Religious and Husseini Rituals distributed lunch meals to employees of the Ministry of Interior from the police, traffic and civil defense directorates stationed in the inner detachments in the streets of the governorate, in order to support the implementation of the curfew in the city and the application of law and order where the staff of the department distributed More than 1,800 meals.
Head of the department, Haider Naji indicated that the employees of the interior, the army, and the popular mobilization members are exerting great efforts to implement the decisions of Crisis Committee in implementing the curfew.
The work they do deserves to be appreciated by all the people. The Foundation’s programs at this stage are continuing and will not stop, and they are keen to support the Iraqi citizen and the Iraqi family to overcome this difficult and sensitive stage that is passing through the whole world.