Al-Anwar Najafia foundation for culture and development distributed the funds of Eid Al-Fitr to orphan students of Dar Al-Zahra (PBUH) Charity Schools. Haj Qassem Mohi, deputy secretary general of the foundation, indicated that Eid Al-Fitr funds were distributed to the orphan students of Dar Al-Zahra (PBUH) Charity Schools by our cadres from Aytamuna department. The number of those students is 475 orphan students as a first group today in the headquarters of the foundation.

The families of orphan students expressed their joy and gratitude for the service provided by the institution and schools to their student children and their families despite the circumstances the country and the province are going through in particular from the Covid-19.

It is worthy mentioned that this initiative is not the first as food baskets were distributed in Takaful/ Tarahum campaign and the campaign of Ramadan baskets ... and others.