The Anwar Institute for Education, affiliated to Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development, has broadcast teachers' lectures to students on the e-learning system through social networking sites, due to the current health situation in Iraq and the preservation of students’ safety and health. The director of the Anwar Institute for Education, Mr. Fares Maalah, stated to the Foundation’s media that the institute broadcasted the lectures live, and other lectures recorded for students who are in the final stages of their study through the e-learning system, noting that it was broadcasted on the pages of the social networking sites of Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development (Facebook and Telegram)
Maaleh indicated that the goal of this step is to complete and review the curricula of students so that they can continue their lessons and benefit from them in preparation for ministerial exams for students in their final stages.

Head of Al-Anwar Institute has announced that the coming of the students to register is in progress; a large number of students want to enroll in the summer courses held for the final grades.

He also pointed out that the extra courses for the sixth and intermediate third students will continue during the schooling time and ends when the curriculum. It also continues during the summer holiday.

As for the prices of the courses, he stated that they are very cheap and suitable compared to other institutes and private schools.

It is noted that the number of beneficiaries of the last session was (200) students and have achieved the highest rates after passing these courses.

Haj Faris Ma’ala, head of the institute, announced the opening of the 18th course of the preparatory classes for the students of the preparatory school in the literary and scientific branches. The teachers started to give the lessons according to the agreed schedule between the administration of the institute and the teachers.

Ma’ala added that the Institute has held several courses in this area for students and is preparing to continue to be established this year.

He pointed to the preparation of the study atmosphere of furnished halls and stationery supplies and teaching staff to make these courses successful and to benefit the student from them.

He also announced that all the preparations and the appropriate atmosphere to improve the reality of the students of the Institute, and to direct them towards the advancement of science in their educational career.